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"Summit Construction's cooperation and craftsmanship are of the highest level. We all have been gratified by your company's participation in this important project. You, your associates and the subcontractors you have chosen have been easy to work with and have done their work with competence. I, personally, have enjoyed our working relationship and, indeed, getting to you know you as an individual. It would be good for the congregation of All Saints' to thank you in person." 

-The Rev. Robert L. Hart

All Saints' Episcopal Church

"From our initial meetings, where honesty, integrity and a straight forward business approach were the drivers behind being awarded the contract to this current day, I have never been as pleased with any contractual firm. I would gladly serve as a reference any time you may need one."

-Arnis Baumanis, VP Engineering

BrightHouse Networks-Michigan

"The office building they constructed for me was not only completed ahead of schedule and on budget but has also been trouble free. Any and all changes that I requested during various stages of construction were never questioned and immediately executed exactly as I requested. My experience with this company could not have been more positive. This recommendation does not adequately express how very pleased I am with my experience with this company."

-Dr. C. Dana Miller

Miller Chiropractic Center P.C.

"We greatly appreciated your team's ability to work within schedules alloted and in providing a unique ability to meet the tenant's needs, while balancing our requirements as the owners of the buildings. Superintendents' Jerry Bell and Collin Chesney, were a pleasure to deal with and performed each project with professionalism and efficiency. Your firm has clearly shown its ability to complete projects within time and budget while keeping its customers satisfied during and after the project completion. I will gladly provide a reference for your company at any time."

-Rich Cohen

Stuart Frankel Development Company

"When we review contractor references, we cast a weary eye on referral letters as they are always positive. It's the owners or architects that don't furnish letters or have their phone number listed that we try to talk to. However, your organization is in very rare company. I or no one at our firm can think of an owner on any of your projects that was not highly satisfied with both the construction process and product."

-David A. Richardson, N.C.A.R.B.

Project Architect, partner, Lindhout Associates architects aia pc

"It is with sincere appreciation that I express to you our gratitude and satisfaction working with Summit...Your expertise in providing cost estimates and project proposals has been detailed and all inclusive with reasonable budgets established...Your management of projects with architects, contractors, interior designers, suppliers, inspectors, staff and board members has been very professional and responsive...You communciated optimally in every attempt to prevent and avoid problems which allowed things to run smoothly. The workmanship has proven excellent."

-Mary Jo Gibbons, MPA, NHA, CEO

Gilbert Residence Assisted Living & Nursing Care


The Summit Company

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